The shooting


The shooting


The shooting

The preparation

I’ll gather my imagination and the elements needed to bring your images to life once we’ve determined the goals and final mood boards for our session. I’ll give you a list of everything you’ll need on the day of the shoot, as well as a call sheet (day’s itinerary) that details the day’s events, locations, team, and more.

Underwear (nude underwear, bra, strapless bra, and any shapewear relevant to the attire picked) and shoes to match your looks are typically required. If you need to provide clothing, we’ll collaborate to come up with the best outfits. If we’re working with a professional stylist, I’ll give you a worksheet to fill out so she can find things that are just right for you.

The day of the shoot

You should arrive refreshed and ready to make great photographs with me on the day of the shoot! There’s no need to be concerned; I’ll guide you through the entire procedure!

On the day of the session, we focus on two things: comfort and creating gorgeous photographs. Just inquire if you have any questions!

The day will start with a review of your mood boards to confirm the shoot’s direction. You’ll meet the crew (hair, makeup, wardrobe, and so on) and see what else we’ve planned for the shoot. After that, you’ll work with the professionals on your hair and cosmetics. We’ll listen to music of your choosing (make sure to bring some suggestions for music that fits the feel you’re going for!). Typically, we begin with a more natural look and work our way up to something more dramatic.

From start to finish, a photo shoot usually takes 3-5 hours, and I usually advocate starting earlier in the day. Hair and cosmetics will take some time, so if you’re not a morning person, you’ll have plenty of time to get ready!

Typically, the shoot will take place at my studio in Rueil-Malmaison, which is close to Paris. While we may shoot on location (in a chic hotel, on the streets of Paris, etc.), we frequently start in the comfort of the studio to get you ready!

I have a large choice of backgrounds and state-of-the-art equipment for studio shootings to accommodate any notion we may come up with!

Finally, on the day of the shoot, I do not keep your photographs a secret. We’ll take a look at what we’ve been working on along the road to get your input, preferences, and to make sure you’re loving what we’re doing!

After the shoot

Following the session, you will receive an online gallery with at least 60 of the best images from the day. Based on my years of professional experience, I will personally recommend some of my favorite shots, but you are free to choose the ones that speak to you the most.

After you’ve chosen your photographs, they’ll be sent to my experienced retoucher to help remove any distracting elements (blemishes, etc.) and perfect them. I’m going to utilize the same retouchers I employ for my editorials. I will personally color grade your photographs, adjusting them to the desired mood.

Images can be supplied as digital downloads, but they can come in a variety of fine art prints and goods, including canvas prints, metal prints, and more. I am pleased to assist you in the image choosing process as well as the printing and display of your finished images.


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