Image goals

We’ll start with an email consultation to determine the overall goal and direction of the shoot, and then move on to a telephone consultation to give you a detailed overview of the shoot.

I’m not trying to make you feel or photograph you like everyone who came before you. Instead, each session is unique. We develop the concept and realise this concept with you as a star.

Perhaps your vision is an old movie scene. Maybe you like bright colours and movements. Maybe your essence is a little more “vanity fair”. Whatever your dreams and visions, we strive to put them together into a truly exciting image. We can be “real” or “fantasy”. Today is your day and your shoot!

If you don’t have a vision for photography yet, don’t worry. I will work with you to create a shoot that suits your personality and style.

About you

Learning a little about you really helps me conceptualise. Ask a series of questions to find out what you like, what you are interested in photography, your shooting goals, the subject of your shooting, and more.

Mood board

The Mood board is a collection of images that help you orient your shots. Helps you understand the styling, lighting and feel of your shoot. We will create a mood board to guide your shoot and define your creative vision.


Depending on the concept, the wardrobe can be an important part of the shoot. Learn what you can offer, what you can rent, and whether it makes sense to hire a professional fashion stylist to take you to the next level. If you include your own looks, send me a snapshot of your outfit so I can advise you on what is suitable for our shoot! I also provide a list of potential resources for renting or buying. Whether it’s simple and timeless, or avant-garde and exaggerated, I have it all. Not only are great stylists who help you create custom looks, but there are also designers who can create unique creations. Whatever your dream, I will make it happen!

Hair & makeup inspiration

Professional hair make-up will help you achieve an absolutely top look while shooting. Styling helps you feel confident, shine in front of the camera, and turn your vision into a shoot. My team of great artists helps bring the shoot to life.


Why you deserve it!

The shooting

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